Digital record keeping

Digital record keeping

As well as introducing you to cloud-based accounting systems, we are authorised experts in the following digital record keeping systems. Each is compatible with Making Tax Digital and is designed to save you time and improve efficiency:

Recipt bank
Using the Dext (the new name for Receipt Bank) app on your mobile phone, you can quickly scan your receipts, forward invoices or easily connect with your online suppliers. The information is automatically categorised, so that you can effortlessly retrieve your data, publish it to your cloud accounting software or share it with your accountant.

Sage provides integrated accounting, payroll and payment software. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes and sectors, but is particular favoured by small and medium-sized enterprises. By computerising tasks, as well as automatically categorising data and financial information, Sage allows you to easily perform a wide range of business-related tasks. These include the automatic calculation of payroll, making payments, printing out invoices, stock valuation, summarising customer accounts and VAT returns.

Xero accounting software is cloud-based, so it enables you to be connected to your financial data wherever you are, via any computer or device with a browser. In particular, Xero suits small and medium-sized enterprises as it allows you to streamline and access key financial information, such as invoices due and bills that need to be paid. The software is also ideal for numerous other tasks, such as generating invoices, inventory tracking, reviewing cash flow and sending automatic payment reminders.

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