As a farmer you know that it takes much more than expertise in the agricultural sector to grow a successful business. However, working in agriculture is time consuming. It requires a lot of hands-on activity and dedication, which can often detract from the business side of things.

As a result there has been a significant increase from the farming community in seeking professional tax advice, financial expertise and analysis of potential income streams.

As a member of the UK200Agriculture Group, we already provide business advice, accountancy and tax services for a broad base of clients from the agricultural sector. These include farms, market gardens, contractors and family run firms.  All want to make the most of their finances, whether it is through efficient financial control or finding ways to make their businesses more profitable.

Common worries include: What does the value of the pound and fluctuating land prices mean for my small farm? Do I need to maintain a tenancy or can I survive in my own right?  What will happen to my direct subsidy provision? How can I make my land more profitable? How can I diversify to boost productivity and generate more income? How can I attract investment? Or how can I keep up to date with complex tax issues?

Because we regularly work so closely with those from the agricultural sector and members of the major farming unions, we are well-equipped to provide you with objective, expert advice and address your specific concerns.

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