Government Encourages Businesses to Claim £3000 for Better Broadband

A government grant worth up to £3,000 is available to businesses in 22 cities across the UK.  The grant helps businesses experience the benefits of faster broadband speeds and better connectivity, and it is hoped that it will attract further business investment to the UK. 

The grant covers the costs of installing faster and better broadband up to £3,000, and is part of a nationwide broadband transformation, geared towards the government’s target of making the UK the best place in the world to do business.

Sajid Javid, secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport said: “We want to make sure that small businesses have the help and support they need to grow and prosper in our digital age.  That is why we are providing these grants to help small businesses meet their challenges.

“I urge all eligible small businesses to apply straight away and help boost their businesses with faster broadband.”

Meanwhile, business minister Matthew Hancock said: “In today’s economy, not being online is simply not an option and nearly every small firm I meet says that a fast, reliable broadband connection is vital for growth.  So I urge small businesses to make the most of this opportunity and apply for broadband vouchers.”

The government has predicted that by 2017, 95% of the UK will be able to access superfast speeds of broadband.

Nearly 3,000 businesses have received grants so far, whilst many more are currently in the application process.  The grant’s availability ends in March 2015.


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